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Tung oil for Wood Finishing - Highly water resistant wood finishes which does not darken with age

Since 1838 our company wholesaled fats and oils, such as the Tung Oil. Currently we are one of the most trusted oil wholesaler. We are very receptive to the market needs and we continuously improve the quality of our products, while offering very competitive prices. Please contct us for more info or to buy.

General Info about Tung Oil

Japanese wood oil or China wood oil, the tung oil is taken from the seed kernels of the Tung tree and is used in making wood finishes. Tung oil is considered a drying oil much as linseed, safflower, and soybean oil.

Tung oil is most often used as the primary ingredient of high-quality varnishes to overcome its softness and its ability to scratch easily. It can be polymerized (heated without oxygen to about 500 degrees Fahrenheit) or mixed with varnish to improve its drying speed and hardness. A glossy sheen can also be achieved.

Unfortunately, tung oil has become a generic term for a wipe-on finish. You will have to read the label in detail. Also, if it dries slowly it's probably an oil/varnish blend. If it becomes tacky in twenty minutes or less, it's probably wiping varnish.

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Specific gravity @ 25C



Iodine value


163 min

Saponification value


189 - 195

Acid value


5 max

Color Gardner

AOCS Td la-64

12 max

Unsaponifiable matter


0.75 max

Clarity @ 25 C

ASTM D 2090

Clear and transparent

Gel time, minutes

ASTM D 1955

12 max

Because of natural variations in oilseed crops, chemical and physical constants cannot be guaranteed at all times..

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