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All animal oils possess the property of becoming saponified when treated with alkalies. They are non drying and possess the basic principle of lubricating value, that is, oiliness.

They are used by themselves and sometimes are mixed with Mineral Oils in various proportions as lubricants for the cutting of threads and other lathe operations. 

The higher grade Lard Oils are produced from selected choice white grease with additional refining.

Neatsfoot Oil is a by-product of the slaughtering of cattle; 15  and  20  Neatsfoot Oils are used on fine leathers such as calfskin or any leather taking a high lustre. Because of the fact that Neatsfoot Oils are non drying, they are used in leather without any danger that by ageing, a hardness will be caused in the leather.

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Neatsfoot oil obtained by boiling in water the shin bones and feet (deprived of hoofs) of cattle and separating the oil from the fat.




Specific gravity @ 25C


0.916 n .003

Iodine value


75 - 85

Free fatty acids

AOCS Ca 5a-40

1% max

Saponification value


194 - 200

Cold test F

AOCS Cc 11-53

20 max


Color Gardner

AOCS Td la-64

6+ max


pale yellow oily liquid


Flavor and Odor

Characteristic, peculiar


Because of natural variations in raw materials, chemical and physical constants cannot be guaranteed at all times.

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