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"The  Old House"

One of the oldest supply firms
in the United States ...

-- founded in a depression, it has lasted and grown in good times and  bad. It survived the effects of panic and the Civil War, it braved two  World Wars, and four depressions by its 110th birthday. Since then,  another two major "conflicts" have been added to the list  as well as several "economic crises" to use modern day terminology.

Established in 1838  by Oliver Loveland as a supplier to the building trade, it later became one of the major  suppliers to the soap industry. The firm's name was changed to Welch,  Holme & Clark in 1870 and incorporated as such in 1892. By the early  1900's it was already supplying industry with many of the products listed  on the following pages.

Today, we serve  more industries that we can name, with products made better by modern  technology and, of course, the ever more stringent controls of government.

Throughout its long  history the policies of fair dealing, quality products and prompt service  has maintained W. H. & C's fine reputation. It's still our first  concern, and from that stems the dependability you can count on.

WHC s  facilities are located in Newark, NJ. This strategic location facilitates  rapid and efficient service to our US and world-wide customers.

A full-time in house  quality control laboratory tests and analyzes incoming and outgoing  products using methods prescribed by U.S.P., F.C.C., A.O.C.S., A.S.T.M.,  and via gas chromatography to verify that they meet the required specifications  and industry standards. This diligent control and ongoing verification  guarantees Product Dependability ensuring that our customers  get exactly what they have specified.

Utilizing computerized  inventory control, order processing and invoicing, we are able to quickly  and accurately process client orders. Deliveries are made by common  carrier, or by air or sea, if required. Deliveries at scheduled intervals  can be arranged.

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Welch, Holme & Clark Co., Inc.
7 Avenue L, Newark, NJ 07105    USA
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NF/USP  Oils

Almond  Oil - Sweet
Castor  Oil
Corn  Oil
Cottonseed  Oil
Olive  Oil

Peanut  Oil
Safflower  Oil
Sesame  Oil
Soybean  Oil

Vegetable  Oils

Almond  Oil - Sweet
Avocado  Oil
Castor  Oil - Industrial
Castor  Oil - Pale Pressed
Canola  Oil
Apricot Kernal Oil
Coconut  Oil - Crude
Coconut  Oil - Edible No.76
Coconut  Oil - Hydrogenated  No.101
Corn  Oil - Refined
Refined Cottonseed  Oil
Linseed  Oil - Boiled
Linseed  Oil - Raw
Linseed  Oil - Refined

Olive  Oil - B Grade
Olive  Oil - Edible Pure
Palm  Oil - Crude
Palm  Oil - Refined
Peanut  Oil - Refined
Rapeseed  Oil - Refined
Rice  Bran Oil - Refined
Safflower  Oil - Edible
Sesame  Oil - Refined
Sesame  Oil - Toasted
Soybean  Oil - Refined
Soybean  Oil - Partially Hydrogenated
Sunflower  Oil - Refined
Tung Oil

Animal  Fats
| Edible  Beef Tallow | Neatsfoot  Oil - Various | Lard  Oils - Various |

Fatty Acids
| Oleic Acids  -- WHC 401 | Oleic Acids  -- WHC 501 | Ricinoleic  Acids |



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