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We are a well established supplier of coconut oil. We have the most competitive prices, quick delivery and proven quality. Coconut Oil is obtained from nuts of the Coconut Palm. The fibrous outer husks of the nuts are used for the manufacture of mats, brushes, etc. The soft part, the coconut meat, adhering to the inside shell is the copra. It contains approximately 65% oil and is pressed in expellers to produce the Coconut Oil. The industrial uses of the Coconut Oils are numerous, such as margarine, shortening, soap, etc. They are also widely used in frying and as an ingredient in many packaged goods. Because this oil is high in saturated fats, many food makers are replacing it with more costly unsaturated oils.

More specifically, coconut oil is rich in short and medium chain fatty acids. Lauric acid, the major fatty acid from the fat of the coconut, has long been recognized for the unique properties that it lends to non-food uses in the cosmetic and soap industry. It is extensively used in soap making for it's lather and moisturizing properties and in lotions and creams. Coconut oil is often described by it's melting point. 76 degree coconut oil will begin to solidify between 72 and 78 degrees. Soap makers generally have a preference based on their formulas and individual methods of producing soap. More recently, lauric acid has been recognized for its unique properties in foods which are related to its antibacterial, antiviral and antiprotozoal functions.

Coconut Oils can also be supplied in Plasticized form; used largely for filled wafers.

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Specific gravity @ 25C



Iodine value


6 - 11

Free fatty acids

AOCS Ca 5a-40

6.0% Max

Moisture & Volatiles

AOCS Ca2b-38

0.05 max


Color Gardner

AOCS Td la-64

6 max


Manila yellow, solid to semi-solid, lard-like fat








5 - 9


8 - 11


4 - 10


1 - 4


44 - 52


5 - 8


13 - 21


0 - 2.5

Because of natural variations in oilseed crops, chemical and physical constants cannot be guaranteed at all times.

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